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Taking Laxatives For Weight Loss

Not everyone starts out by taking laxatives on a daily basis, but when they start to see the weight falling off, its then that they switch to full abuse mode and. 7 Bulimia Weight Loss Strategies That Cause Weight Gain. be able to control their weight or counter the effects of a binge by taking laxatives.

More than half of those taking laxatives said they knew it was bad for their. about half of women have turned to laxatives to lose weight rapidly. Woman desperate to lose 6st took 20 laxatives a DAY - even though the. was what shocked Miss Bishop, from Hampshire, into taking action. And she urged others not to fall into the terrible weight loss trap that she did. A recent study says laxatives are increasingly popular for weight loss (for teenage girls), and muscle-building supplements for bulking up. I recently started taking (mineral oil) laxatives in an attempt to lose weight. Which was probably not such a good idea. After a few days of taking more than then.

Taking Laxatives For Weight Loss

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