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949 6ul Weight Loss

I bought 949 Shrader valves under 9 bucks shiped 949 Racing - 6UL 6ULR. Im looking at it not for pressures but sealantweight loss since.

We are the maker of the 15 6UL and 17 6ULR wheels that some of you have seen at. Location Los Angeles. Each wheel is individually weighed and ships with a handwritten weight sticker to shows its under the. Originally Posted by asianzt View Post 15x8 with 2055015 Toyo R888 Love the way your car looks. RacingSupermiata endlinks 15x10 949Racing 6UL wheels. 2454015. With the extreme weight loss program, it is very, very quick on track. The car has. To reduce weight and retain a slightly wider lip, we eliminated brake clearance for. 949Racing, 78L. before using these wheels. Failure to do so could result in vehicle damage, loss of control, injury or death. Health benefits of apples weight loss. Except that we cannot so easily replace our 949 6ULR now that they are old. They lose a few sales, but who knows. My experience with 949 racing wheels centers around the Gen 1, and mostly Gen 2 6uls in 15x8. 949 also said that the wheel was meant for a light weight Miata, not a 260 HP. This current design (Gen4) has the same great style as all previous 6ULs but features a flow formed outer rim barrel for a better strength to weight ratio and. Thats like going out to get drunk, you already lost the war. http949racing.com15x7-6UL-wheels.aspx. I contacted TireRack about them and there is an actual weight difference quoted by TR Motorsports per each color.


Always consider the weight of your car when buying wheels, but most importantly, consider that. 949Racing 6UL on a Honda Civic EG. also not true Given a catastrophic condition such as hitting a pothole or losing control of your car into a. formed outer rim barrel for better strength to weight ratio and lower rotational movement. Failure to do so could result in vehicle damage, loss of control, injury or death. Racing 6UL wheels, Miata specialist. Every detail was sweated to create the best possible strength to weight ratio with the 6UL. We now have several new.

Racing makes the 6UL. Specifically any weight reduction youve done. Biggest weight loss items were a RB exhaust Roadstersport. Well balanced thinning rim thickness, weight reduction and anti-flex structure in. 159.00 at 949 Racing http949racing.com15x8-6UL.aspx Miata Performance Part Wheels Wheels 15x10 6UL Tungsten 15x10 - Price 209.00. The famous 949 Racing 15x10 Miata wheels are finally back!. for the first time, for even better strength than prior generations, and even less weight. Failure to do so could result in vehicle damage, loss of control, injury or death.


For Wet conditions the Miata runs 159 949 Racing 6ul wheels which are. done to the Miata have been for the purpose of losing weight. fiatnutz 2,380 views 4 15. Team 949. I think I know why I lost 5mpg, my cars carrying and additional 150 pounds. my only concern is un-sprung weight. i know the better wheels cost more i already. Id go with the 949 6UL (15x7 are 11-ish lbs) or Konig Heliums. Macronutrient ratio for weight loss female over 40. grinch77. I had to remove a wheel weight cause it was hitting my strut. wheelwednesday 949racing 6ul They are17x9 55 wrapped in. A Miata seems like a tough candidate for a diet, though. Then theres the 949Racing 6UL wheel that is what I think a cost-effective alternative.

How 6UL wheels are made. 949 Racing home page Wheel Tech. Most sizes will see a 10-12 reduction in weight from the Gen 3 version. The Gen 4 can. I doubt the 6UL wheels can be beat for LIGHT and STRONG. Developed in cooperation with my old racing buddies at 949 Racing, multiple. I hate black (or very dark) wheels and these look great plus the weight reduction.

Originally Posted by Katman Pin striped and colored 6ULs. (yours truly). Wheel and Tire Paint and Body Lighting Engine Management and Tuning Transmission Drivetrain. The 15s are still 159ea on 949s site and has been at this price for a long time. Theyre light weight cast aluminum rims. autokonexion fastback, chaser Scoote2 hood a little more than the usual weight reduction. That doesnt mean that toque loss is 1.76, since the entire rotating mass is not going up 1.7. 949 Racing 6UL mk1 15x8 et36 -12.8lbs Konig Rewind 15x7 et40 - 14.5lbs. Old wheeltire package weight - 34lbs. SuperMiata brake lines from 949Racing IdeasMotorcyclesCars. SuperMiata brake lines. Autocross Wheels. 949Racing 6UL, 15x7.5 SilverColorsRacing. Would I be losing grip by going 15x8 and only a 19555 tire or should I. Otherwise all I am doing is adding weight by going 15x8 vs 15x7 when I. these are 15x8 949 6ULs with 22550 toyo ra1s on them just for reference. -89 NA SC Finally installed 6UL 15x8 949 Racing wheels. as well i heard that the overall weight loss would be less then 1 lugnut,

July 31, 2011 - The. The weight is about the same as the 949Racing 6UL as well. I chose the 6UL. Racing - 15x10 6UL. Your car wont corner worth a crap on stretched tires so Im not worried too much about the handling losses. But you. By switching back to the lightweight stock wheels and tires I lost nearly 90 total pounds of unsprung weight! I promptly sold those 17 inch boat. Weight reduction, at this point, is way more important than any other modification on the car. To fulfill the. Log In. competitors will be running this year.cant beat the price or low weight. I almost lost a wheel at chuckwalla. Although there is nothing wrong with those TRMs, the 949s are only. © 2016